The tool – the DriversCheck app – is downloaded free of charge by the employees from the respective App Store. (For BlackBerry devices, the Android APK file must be installed on the phones).

For the data that needs to be processed, at least the following areas of input are required:
– first name, surname of the employee
– e-Mail address
– password, PIN
– ID of the control tag at seal test
– license number of the control of the EU driving license
– time stamp and time of checks carried out

For all administrative tasks in connection with the electronic drivers license by means of DriversCheck, secure web applications are made available to those responsible. Thus, the fleet manager is able to meet the needs of a reporting on demand, by using a browser. The installation of stationary software is no longer necessary. In some leasing companies the reports can then be uploaded to their own system.

The data (personal data, control history, etc.) is stored for five years according to the minimum storage period. Data is annihilated if the client wishes.

The data is stored in the data center of Host Europe GmbH. The data center of Host Europe GmbH is located in Cologne, Germany

Checks and controls must be carried out by a colleague or supervisor, who act as a functioning arbitrator. The colleague / supervisor logs into the app with his access data and scans the front of the driver’s license. For extenral control, recording of the hologram on the backside of the license is not necessary. As soon as the driver’s license has been recognized, the step “complete external control” is displayed. Control must be confirmed by the colleague / supervisor, who has carried out the check, by entering his PIN. To complete the check, click the “control” button.

FAQ’S Application

Problem: App crashes after you click “start control”.

Reason: You did not allow access to your camera whilst downloading the app. However, this is necessary so that the camera function can be opened within the app.

Solution: Open the phone settings and the overview of all downloaded apps. Search for the DriversCheck app from the installed applications, open the settings and allow access.

Problem: When you scan the front of the driver’s license, you will receive the error message “the registered driving license is unknown”.
Reason: There may be several reasons for this. The first thing to check is whether the driver’s license number has been correctly stored (frequent errors such as mistaking 0 for O or blanks, etc.). If this is correctly stored in the web portal, problems with the recording are related to the environmental factors or the application itself.
Solution: If the driving license number is incorrectly filed, this must be corrected. If the number is already stored correctly, the light plays a decisive role. We always recommend daylight, artificial light should be switched off completely. The driving license must be placed on a single-coloured surface (light or dark) at a distance of approx. 20 cm (this can be easily varied during the operation). All important notes can be found in the user video:


Problem: When scanning the seal, you receive the error message “the registered seal is unknown”.

Reason: The seal number is not / incorrectly deposited or the app does not recognize the QR code.

Solution: If the seal number is not or incorrectly stored, this must be entered / corrected. If the seal number is correctly stored, problems with the light and reflections can be related. We also recommend that you turn off artificial light during daylight inspection and use daylight. In particular, reflections on the seal must also be observed. Mirroring can be avoided by holding the smartphone at an angle.

Problem: When logging in, you receive the error message “access data is invalid”.
Reason: The access data was entered incorrectly or newly requested access data was not activated.
Solution: You can request new access data at any time via the link “forgotten password?” in the application screen. Please ensure that the e-mail address is correct. As soon as you receive the new access data, you must activate it. You will find a link in the corresponding e-mail. The access data can only be used after activation. If the login still does not work, uninstall the app and download it again. This will delete all old stored data in the app.