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SFF Services for fleets GmbH, founded in 2008 is managed by fleet specialists. After successful set up it firstly focused on the German market. Next to operational services it offered consulting in regard to optimization of international and big local vehicle fleets, both in process and procurement. Today, the company provides a system based process to check driver licenses on a global scale.

Why use License Check

Company cars are a given for business and private use all across Europe.Employers have a duty of care to those that they employ and to those that might be affected by business activities – such as driving. You even risk facing loss of industry reputation by ignoring corporate responsibilities.

To ensure handling along the legal environment you need to set in place controls to minimize risk.  Insurance negates final payment of damage in case of an accident if the driver has no or no valid license. Legal consequences are executed in parallel. Compliance is the only way you will be found not guilty in any court action against you and your company. Therefore you need to check your employee’s licenses on a regular basis and document the results. The organization, implementation and data processing of personal driving license control is associated with considerable time, resources and costs. This is where ‘Drivers Check’ comes into play.

In some countries legal frameworks are implemented as i.e. in the manslaughter act in gb since more than a decade.  A rollout is planned to set the MA as EU standard. Breach of duty will be sanctioned even sharper and directors can be held convictable under health and safety law.

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